Come witness the Razing of the Bell Tower Monday morning,

February 19th, 2018.

insetforweb"Ring The Bell" is coming! 

After almost 50 years, St. Stephen's iconic Carpenter Gothic bell tower has deterioriated significantly.


missingpiecesforweb ropeandtimberforweb

                           There are pieces missing.                The bell rope is frayed and rotting timbers.


crossforweb termitedamageforweb

                The cross on top has deteriorated, and it and the support posts have extensive damage.


Watch this space as we chronicle the removal and replacement of our iconic bell tower!


The Bell Tower replacement is just one part of the repairs and renovations of St. Stephen's. There is also redwood siding and trim to replace, work on the front entry and painting.


The total estimate for all of the work is $200,000. Of that, $30,000 is for Ring The Bell. As of Tuesday, February 13th,2018, we have raised more than $28,000 of that goal.


Please help us ... "Ring The Bell". Should we be lucky enough to surpass that goal, the amount above $30,000 will be applied to the next $170,000 goal for the repairs, entry, and paint.



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